When the Teacher is Taught

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I love to teach beading, and when you teach, you assume it’s the students that benefit.  They do, but I find that almost always I learn something from them.  I learn how to use different words to explain the same process as not all students understand the explanation as you mean it.  I learn that many times, students have great ideas on how to change the design either by different product or adding more product.  I get  great ideas from their mistakes — and that is certainly a bonus.

A few classes back, I learned one of my most valuable lessons.  As a teacher, I try to give my students a lot of service for their money.  So in my mind, that is not only good instruction, but a great project. What I often forget is my idea of a great project is many times, too complicated.

I recently taught a class that was so simple I was feeling guilty for charging.  There were only three steps to the bracelet and they were very basic.  My thoughts kept going back to, oh no, this isn’t a value to them, they are not learning a ton.  I have never been more wrong.

Lesson Learned

The students were THRILLED with not just one completed project, but TWO.  They purchased an additional kit to complete in the allotted time for the class and made two bracelets.  They all went home grinning from ear to ear with their finished treasures on wrists.  One student’s comment was, “this was so much fun.  I completed the project and I understand the concept.”

My lesson…sometimes the best bang for the buck is simplicity and a completed project or two.