Product Highlights

Fun Beads

Esther Beadwork carries a wide variety of seed beads and CzechMate products from Starman. To purchase these and many other beads, Contact Edie McGee-Peterkin at 561-512-6766 or visit her an an upcoming Trade Show.

Royal Bracelet

The royal bracelet highlights the cabochon beads and the 2-hole triangle beads with crescent connectors. Kits available for this bracelet.

Cozumel Bracelet

Using bugle, demi, triangle and seed beads, you get a great texture in this bracelet. Kits available for this bracelet.

Demi Bracelet

Focusing mainly on the demi beads in a variety of sizes and colors, this fun bracelet is created.

Arcade Bracelet

The Arcade Bracelet is all about texture. Imagine the cobblestone walk ways in Old Towne. Created using Arcos, Czechmates and Demi beads. Kits available for this bracelet.

Nib Bit Earrings

Sometimes simple is best. These earrings use Nib Bits and two sizes of Demi Beads. Kits available for these earrings.