Product Highlights

New beads released in Tucson, 2017 by Starman

Esther Beadwork carries the Beam, Prong and Cabochon in a variety of colors. To purchase these and many other beads, Contact Edie McGee-Peterkin at 561-512-6766 or visit her at an upcoming Trade Show.

Bijou Cabochon bracelet

Bijou Cabochon bracelet highlights the cabochon beads by using two complimentary colors. Kits available for this bracelet.

Prong Bracelet and Earring

Using the prong beads in two different directions. The bracelet uses them face down while encasing a chaton, while the earring has the prong points upward. Two different looks with the same bead.

Prong & Diamonduo Bracelet:

Utilizing the prong bead and the diamond duo, this sweet bracelet works up quickly. A great beginner project. Kits available for this bracelet.

Beams and pips photo:

Three hole beams make a natural spacer when combined with 6mm Czech round beads and pip beads. Kits will be available soon.

Snow Angel Earrings:

Using the beam beads in a more structural way, a version of snow angels is formed.